The Crave 10 Year Taster Pack

September 13th is a big day for us – it’s our 10th birthday celebration! We’d like to thank you for your loyalty to our business, our staff and our baking. To show our appreciation, we’ve created a Crave 10 Year Taster Pack, whack contains a decade of our best craving of the month cupcakes as voted for by you!

About the 10 Year Taster Pack

10 Year Taster Packs are a selection of the 12 flavours listed below and are available in regular or mini size. We are unable to make any substitutions or changes within this pack. $17.95 per mini pack $34.95 per regular pack

Pre orders are strongly recommended as 10 Year Taster Packs are limited and available one day only September 13th!

Individual flavours from the 10 Year Taster Pack are available by pre order. There is a minimum order of 6 and maximum of 24 per individual flavour for regular size cupcakes. Mini size cupcakes must be ordered with a minimum of 12 and maximum of 48 per individual flavour. Orders for individual flavours will be taken up until September 10th. Be sure to get your order in early!

Gluten Free Friendly options will be available in Crave-O-licious, Red Velvet Elvis, Chocolate Hazelnut, German Chocolate, Chocolate Caramel and Mr. Fab’s Espresso. Regular size GFF cupcakes must be pre ordered with a minimum quantity of 6 and maximum quantity of 24 per individual flavour. Mini size cupcakes must be ordered with a minimum quantity of 12 and maximum quantity of 48 per individual flavour. Mini size $2.25 each and regular size $3.75 each.

10-year-taster-final-flavours3Crave-O-licious Our signature cupcake, and the most popular on our menu! We bake this cupcake using our Grandmother’s chocolate cake recipe.  Swirled with blue vanilla buttercream icing and sprinkled with chocolate curls.

Boston Cream This is your classic boston cream pie, cupcake style. Fresh vanilla cupcakes filled with vanilla bean custard and topped with smooth milk chocolate ganache, these are melt-in-your-mouth delicious. We top this cupcake with milk chocolate, dark chocolate, AND white chocolate pearls. So rich and decadent, we are glad you voted this cupcake into the 10 year taster pack!

Mr. Fab’s Espresso Skip your coffee today and get your pick-me-up from our caffeinated cupcake. Collaborating with Mr. Fab, a Calgary blogger, this chocolately coffee-infused treat was originally made with holiday gatherings (and post holiday hangovers) in mind. One bite and you’ll be energized, we promise.

Raspberry Lemon As refreshing as a glass of cold raspberry lemonade, we use whole raspberries that transform our batter into a beautiful natural pink colour. Topped with sweet lemon buttercream, these cupcakes are perfect for weddings, showers, parties, and yes, our 10th birthday too.

Hazelnut Chocolate On our 10th birthday, we’re going nuts. Seriously we are. With our Hazelnut Chocolate cupcakes, our chocolate cake is topped with hazelnut buttercream and sprinkled with candied hazelnuts. This cupcake is like a giant Ferro Rocher, but better.

Banana Peanut Butter We will be forever grateful to whoever discovered the perfection of banana and peanut butter together. Inspired by our favorite after school snack, we use fresh bananas to sweeten these cupcakes, and then top them with delicious peanut butter buttercream. It’s a powerful pairing we’re proud to share on our 10th birthday.

Red Velvet Elvis This cupcake was originally a craving of the month but was so popular we made it part of our everyday menu. Red velvet cake is a combination of chocolate and vanilla cake, baked with buttermilk and coloured red. Swirled with cream cheese buttercream this cupcake is too good to resist.

German Chocolate Probably the most decedent cupcake we make, this one will satisfy the sweetest of sweet teeth. Inspired by traditional German cake, these moist chocolate cupcakes are swirled with whipped Caramelia milk chocolate ganache and topped with sweet coconut pecan filling. The German’s know how to do it right – and Crave does too.

Aloha We love Hawaii – so much that we created a cupcake that tastes like the beauty of tropical island life. Made with toasted coconut and pineapple, our Aloha cupcake is swirled with pineapple buttercream that is as smooth as a sunset in paradise. Say hello to Aloha!

S’more We’re giving you your favorite long weekend campfire treat, without the smoke and bug bites. As a nod to a favourite Canadian tradition, this decadent cupcake is made with incredibly moist chocolate cake swirled with fluffy toasted meringue and fresh graham crackers baked from scratch. One S’more, and you’ll likely want s’more.

Confetti Inspired by the confetti birthday cake we all grew up loving, we bake our vanilla cake with rainbow confetti sprinkles and top the vanilla buttercream with even more confetti. Like a trip back in time, you’ll feel like a little kid again as you bite into the rainbow polka dots.

Chocolate Caramel Who hasn’t fallen in love with salted caramel yet? These cupcakes represent the perfect balance between sweet and salty. We fill the chocolate cupcake with handcrafted vanilla bean caramel and top it off with caramel buttercream icing and a pinch of sea salt. All of our caramel taste testing paid off in the creation of this mouthwatering cupcake.

We’ve enjoyed being a part of your millstones and hope you will be part of ours. To order a limited edition (one day only!) Crave 10 Year Taster Pack, email

or call our order line:

Calgary: 403.270.2728

Edmonton: 780.409.8486

Saskatoon: 306.974.1497

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Ten Things That We Haven’t Changed

tensweetcrave_960.jpgOn September 13th we are celebrating 10 years since we first opened our first bakery at 1107 Kensington Road.  We have done a lot of baking over the last decade and a lot has changed over the years but there are a few things we haven’t changed.

 Ten Things We haven’t Changed: 
  1. We still bake our cupcakes fresh everyday. We believe one of the secrets to a good cupcake is baking it fresh and we could never compromise on that.
  2. We crack every egg and unwrap every 1lb of butter by hand. We truly love baking and believe using fresh whole ingredients is essential
  3. We have offered a feature Craving of the Month Cupcake inspired by a seasonal ingredient every month.
  4. We have used the same packaging distributor since they day we opened. They are a Calgary based, family owned and operated company and we love working with them.
  5. Crave-o-licious, Va Va Vanilla, Lemon Lime twist, Peppy Patty, Just Chocolate, Dirty Blonde, A Lovely Bunch of Coconuts, Nutty over Chocolate are original cupcakes that are still on the menu
  6. Carolyne and Jodi own all 6 bakeries, on holidays you will find them with aprons on baking in the bakeries.
  7. Our original pastry chef, Cynthia, first hired in 2005 still works at our Kensington location and is now the head of our Custom Cakes
  8. Our chocolate and vanilla cake are the same family recipes that we have been baking since the day we opened
  9. Every December we look forward to Christmas baking, a selection of squares, cookies and butter tarts inspired by the holiday sweets we grew up with.
  10. The chocolate curls on the Crave-O-licious, Dark Angel and Nutty Over Chocolate cupcakes are shaved by hand. Our baker’s make them by grating large blocks of Callebaut dark chocolate.

To celebrate our last 10 years in business we are baking a 10 Year Taster Pack featuring the top ten Craving of the Month Cupcakes as voted for by you.  To vote and see the 24 exciting cupcakes in the running visit our Facebook page here: (or visit us in store to submit your vote!)

August 26th we will be announcing the final flavours for the 10 Year Taster Pack and Saturday September 13th (one day only) we will be baking the ultimate cupcake assortment to celebrate our birthday!

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New! Crave Beef Cakes!


Over the years we have had heard many requests for a cupcake that is just a little less sweet. Today we are excited to introduce our latest baking, nearly ten years in the making, the Crave Beef Cake! Baked fresh, from scratch using 100% Alberta Beef and our family meatloaf recipe.  Each Beef Cake is topped with a tangy tomato sauce, swirled with buttery mashed potatoes and sprinkled with fresh chives and crunchy bacon bits. Just like mom used to make!

Crave Beef Cakes

These Crave Beef Cakes are just about ready to go into the oven!



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The sweetest Valentines’ are baked

Valentine cupcakes and Cookies

Clockwise from top left: Sweetheart Valentine Cupcakes, Crave Love Bug, German Chocolate Cupcake, Chocolate Cinnamon Heart Sandwich Cookie

This year, our Valentine baking menu is inspired by the nostalgia of elementary schools candy grams and absolutely everything heart shaped.  We are keeping it fresh and sweet, with some extra special cupcake flavours and decorations as well as our famous Vanilla Heart Shaped Cookies, Chocolate Caramel Tart, new Cinnamon Heart Sandwich Cookies and Pink Raspberry Heart Shaped Marshmallows!

For our full menu and a printable order line click on the link below. For more information on placing a Valentine order click here

Crave Valentine Menu 2014


Clockwise from top left: Ruffled Heart cupcake with Sweetheart mini cupcakes, Pink heart shaped raspberry marshmallows, chocolate caramel tart, vanilla heart shaped sandwich cookie.

In the spirit of good old fashioned Valentine fun, check out the printable Crave Fortune Teller!

Crave Valentine Fortune Teller




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Holiday Extended Hours


We know the holidays can be hectic, this year we are pleased to be offering extended hours for the busy weeks before Christmas!

This means more hours of sweetness in Calgary, Edmonton and Saskatoon!

December 2013 Extended Hours for all locations:

  • Monday December 16th and Monday December 22nd : Open 9am to 7pm
  • December 17th -23rd: Open starting at 9:00am (regular closing hours)
  • December 24th: Open 9:00am – 3:00pm
  • December 25th and 26th: Closed
  • December 31st: Open 10:00am – 3:pm
  • January 1st and 2nd: Closed

Holt Renfrew Calgary Pop up Shop:

A daily selection of fresh cupcakes, holiday cookies, bars and butter tarts.  Find us on the second floor at noon on the dates below.

  • December 6th – 8th
  • December 13th – 15th
  • December  20th – 22nd

Kensington News!

Also, we are excited to announce that our Kensington location will now always be open Mondays!  This will allow us to provide better delivery service rates to downtown on Mondays as well as provide fresh baked cupcakes 7 days a week.

To place an order or to find out more about our Holiday Menu contact our order line or visit us in store.

Warm Holiday wishes from the Crave Team!


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Holly Jolly Christmas Cupcakes

Crave Christmas Cupcakes with custom message

Have we told you lately that we love Christmas? It’s true, December is one of the most amazing times at Crave. We have spent months preparing and now that the holiday season is here we are baking up a storm and working hard to make the best Christmas treats for our clients.

In August when we (eagerly) started planning for Christmas we worked on designing six new Hand Decorated Holiday Cupcakes that would reflect the modern, but subtly vintage Christmas feeling that we love. We aimed for an old fashioned nostalgic look and took inspiration from a sage green, and vintage red colour palette with classic chocolate and simple white buttercream.  We worked with Cynthia, our amazing custom cake and cupcake artist from our Kensington Bakery to design the cupcakes below.

Snowman, christmas tree, gingerbread, season's greetings, wreath Christmas cupcakes

All of our Holiday Cupcakes are baked fresh from scratch in small batches, no mix, no day olds, and always real butter.  Each one of our Hand Decorated Holiday Cupcakes is decorated by hand with fresh buttercream icing.

For a classic and tasty holiday cupcake display or gift we recommend adding a Hand Decorated Holiday Cupcake (Mr. Sprinkles the Snowman, Christmas Tree, Season’s Greetings, Holiday Wreath, Santa’s Belt) to a selection of our classic swirled Holiday cupcakes.

Holiday message and santa cupcake

For gift giving, we recommend adding a personalized message to six pack of assorted of regular size cupcakes (it’s even sweeter than a card!). Messages can be up to three words or 20 characters in length. To place and order for Holiday cupcakes call or email our orderline or visit us in store.

Mini and regular size cupcake display for Christmas

Best holiday wishes on this snowy day!

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Something Sweet for a Snowstorm

We woke up to a chilly morning here in Calgary! With a blizzard warning on for Southern Alberta we wish everyone a safe commute and a warm and cozy evening.  Below is a printable Gingerbread Colouring page!

For a fun indoor activity, click on the link below, print off the colouring page and decorate the house with some tasty looking decorations!

Then share your work with us! Scan or send a photo of your gingerbread house to and we will post it on our facebook wall.

Crave Gingerbread House Coloring Page

Crave Gingerbread House Coloring Page

Warm wishes on this snowy day!

Crave Gingerbread House Coloring Page

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Fresh Holiday Gifts

Christmas Baking boxes and holiday cupcakes for gifts

Holiday Baking Cheer boxes and festive Cupcake assortments for simply sweet gifting.

We know that along with the merriment of the season the holidays can be stressful.  The shopping lists, the out of town company, and the christmas parties all add up to a lot of hustle and bustle.  This year on our holiday menu we have made gift giving simple, while still baking everything fresh and from scratch, we are pleased to share our favourite festive treats for all of your holiday engagements.

Whether you are spreading holiday cheer to clients, bringing dessert to a party, or just want to make a someone special smile we are are pleased to bake something to suit your occasion.

Our Holiday Baking Cheer boxes include a baker’s assortment of fresh bars and cookies from our Holiday Menu. All of this special baking is made in small batches and many are based on family recipes. Medium and large size cheer boxes offer a little of everything off our menu while our small box includes a selection of our favourites.

For festive and totally classic crave-o-licious gift giving we have very merry Holiday Cupcake assortments in regular and mini size.  A selection of our most popular cupcakes including our feature gingerbread eggnog cupcake which a great for gatherings or gifting. Add a little more festivity with a our regular size hand decorated holiday cupcakes (wreath cupcake is pictured).

For more information on fresh baked holiday gifts check out our Holiday Menu and Look Book, contact our order line, visit us at a bakery.

Delivery Service:

Downtown Calgary starts at $10.00

Downtown Edmonton starts at $12.00

Downtown Saskatoon starts at $12.00

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A Little More Holiday Magic

Magic cookie bar Holiday Baking in Calgary Edmonton and Saskatoon

Holiday classics baked from scratch in small batches.

In our last staff meeting at Crave Edmonton, we asked our bakers and retail staff to share how they get into the holiday spirit.  As we went around the room it was amazing to learn about all of their special holiday traditions many of them classic, including decorations, travelling to meet friends and family, christmas music (surprisingly a little disco) and of course baking.  Many of our staff shared stories about baking during the holidays, whether it was a particular recipe, or the tradition of baking with someone special there is no doubt that around here baking is an essential part of the celebrating this season.

Since our first Christmas at Crave in 2004, one of our holiday traditions has been baking our Magic Cookie bar. Also known as a Seven Layer Bar, or Hello Dolly, this is the kind of treat lots of Canadians grew up with around the holidays.  The recipe we bake is from Crave Cofounder’s Carolyne and Jodi’s family recipe box and includes a unique cornflake crust which adds an amazing crunch. This bar is loaded with holiday cheer including sweetened coconut, dark chocolate chunks and toasted pecans for a decedent and totally classic holiday bar.

A sure hit, we love keeping a few dozen magic cookie bars on standby in the freezer at home to pull out for friends and family who pop by during the holidays.

Wednesday November 20th as a part of the Crave Taste of Christmas we are offering complimentary samples of our Magic Cookie Bar and Chocolate Thumbprint cookies from our Holiday Baking Menu.

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The Taste of Christmas at Crave!

The holiday season is an amazing time at Crave. Working in the business that we do, we look forward to the hustle and bustle of the season and lending a little sweetness with fresh and truly classic holiday baking.

All of our holiday baking is baked from scratch in small batches.

All of our holiday baking is baked from scratch in small batches.
Medium size Holiday Cheer Baking box pictured.

This year on our Holiday Baking menu you will find some of our all-time favourite festive recipes (including handcrafted twix bar and shortbread cookies) as well as some new items we can’t wait to share with you (such as our pecan snowballs and gingerbread eggnog sandwich cookies).  Many of these treats are family recipes, or variations of them, that we hope will fill you with the merriment of the season.

To celebrate the start of our holiday menu and to spread a little cheer among our valued customers we are excited to be hosting our second annual Taste of Christmas week!

This week, November 19th – 23rd we are sampling two feature items from our Holiday Baking menu in store everyday. Whether you are a chocolate fanatic or just crazy about shortbread we invite you to stop by any of our bakeries for a complimentary taste of season.

Tuesday November 19th we are sampling our Hazelnut Brownie and Pecan Snowball cookies.


















Hazelnut Brownie

This brownie is a rich, fudgey treat, baked with toasted hazelnuts and Valrhona chocolate.  In all our chocolate baking, we use a high quality 22/24%  cocoa powder that lends an incredible chocolatey depth. This year we have topped our holiday brownie with a simple sprinkling of powdered sugar for a festive and beautiful finish.

Pecan Snowballs

New! We are very excited about this buttery little cookie on our Holiday Menu! Made with toasted pecans and rolled in powdered sugar, this traditional christmas cookie is a fun and delicious addition to an assortment of holiday sweets.

To learn more about what we are sampling each day follow us on twitterfacebook, or instagram (@cravecupcakesyyc) of see our complete Holiday Baking Menu and look book here.


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