Crave + Mealshare

We are very excited to partner with the non-profit organization, Mealshare. 

When you order a package of our Crave-o-licious Cruffles, you’ll not only be treating yourself but you’ll also be doing your good deed for the day. For each package of Crave-o-licious Cruffles ordered, Mealshare will provide a meal to a youth in need. We are so excited to be working with this wonderful organization!


We’ve crafted a scrumptious treat that consists of:⁠

✔ Traditional buttercream flavours⁠
✔ Wrapped in chocolate cake ⁠
✔ Dipped in chocolate⁠

Our three favourite things in two delicious bites! Buttercream + cake, dipped in chocolate – comes in a package of three because you can’t have just one.

To minimize our food waste the cake layer of the Cruffle is created from cake tops that would normally be composted.

Look for this sticker on the Cruffle packages in the Crave stores to provide a meal to a youth in need!