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Spread joy, play Santa

Get ready to load up your sleighs! Our dedicated concierge customer team are also available to assist you with your order, from portion sizes to delivery options, ensuring it's as impeccable as Santa's list - and yes, they double-check it! Call our team at 1-855-692-7283 or email us at orders@cravecupcakes.ca and we’ll get to work on your order.





Our Top Picks

Here are a few of our absolute favourites from our holiday menu!


Traditional Baking Box

An assortment of our holiday bars. We recommend 3-4 pieces per person.
Small box - $51.75 (18 pieces)
Medium box - $92.00 (32 pieces)

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Holiday Mini Cupcake Dozen

12 of our favourite holiday cupcake flavours, including our features Sponge Toffee and Gingerbread. We recommend 2-3 mini cupcakes per person.

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Holiday Cookie Box

Individually packaged cookies. We recommend 1 cookie per person.
Half Dozen Cookies - $19.50
Dozen Cookies - $39.00

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North Pole Cupcake Pack

Hand-decorated holiday inspired designs paired with our classic swirl cupcakes. We recommend 1 cupcake per person.

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Holiday Cupcake Flavours


A timeless holiday classic, now baked into a cupcake!

Sponge Toffee
Remember the sweet magic of our Sponge Toffee cupcake from last year? Well, it's back, ready to whisk you away to those cherished holiday memories once more!

Holiday Cupcake Flavours


Gingerbread Cupcake

A timeless holiday classic, now baked into a cupcake! Our Gingerbread cupcake is the ideal indulgence as you snuggle up by the crackling fireplace, put the finishing touches on your gift-wrapping, or leave a sweet surprise for Santa when he makes his special visit. 


Sponge Toffee Cupcake

Remember the sweet magic of our Sponge Toffee cupcake from last year? Well, it's back, ready to whisk you away to those cherished holiday memories once more! 

Little Bites

A little treat to sprinkle some extra sweetness into your holidays!


Holiday Specialty Cupcakes

Choose from our Polar Bear, Rudolph or Santa cupcake designs. We recommend 1 cupcake per person.
$7.50 each
Option to have the cupcake individually packaged.

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Gingerbread Sandwich Cookie

We've whisked up the perfect treat – a delightful duo of hand-decorated gingerbread cookies, sandwiched between vanilla buttercream. We recommend 1 cookie per person.
$8.00 each
Individually packaged.

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Spicy Nuts

Mixed nuts baked to perfection with a drizzle of sweet maple syrup and a kick of spicy Sriracha. It's no wonder this treat is a beloved favorite among the Crave staff! We recommend 1 bag per person.
$8.00 per bag

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Holiday Sandwich Cookie Box

Two cookies sandwiched with our classic buttercream. We recommend 1-2 sandwich cookies per person.
Extra Small Box - $23.00 (8 pieces)
Small Box - $51.75 (18 pieces)
Medium Box - $92.00 (32 pieces)

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The Holiday Party

With this lineup of treats and activities, you’re ready for any Holiday occasion!


Cookie Decorating Kit

With our decorating kits, you can let your inner child's sense of wonder shine! Each kit makes 6 large cookies or 12 medium cookies.

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Gingerbread House Kit

This LIMITED EDITION kit comes complete with everything you’ll need to build and decorate, promising holiday joy for everyone!
Available starting November 15!

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Mix & Match

Mix and match our holiday products to create the perfect assortment of treats for your party!
Shown here: 
Mini Cupcake Dozen
- $23.50
Small Baking Box - $51.75
Half Dozen Cookies - $19.50
This assortment serves 18-22 people.

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Secret Santa

From Gingerbread Sandwich Cookies to Cookie Boxes to Individual Cupcakes, choose the sweetest gift for your secret Santa!

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Satisfy all your holiday cravings!

Pair our holiday products together for easy gifting.


Our Faves

Bundle our favourite products together, including Holiday Mini Cupcakes, Holiday Baking and Cookies.


The Holiday Party

Bundle our favourite products together, including Holiday Mini Cupcakes, Holiday Baking and Cookies.

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