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Mini cupcakes

We believe cupcakes are best enjoyed the day they are baked. This is why we baked your wedding order the morning of your wedding day.
*Cupcake stand is not included

216 Mini Cupcakes
Serves 108 | starting at $378

132 Mini Cupcakes
Serves 66 | starting at $231

72 Mini Cupcakes
Serves 36 | starting at $126

Customize Your Order
Additional Mini Cupcakes | $21 per dozen
Custom Coloured Icing | $0.20 per cupcake (minimum 24 cupcakes per colour)
Non pareils | coloured | complimentary
Gold and Silver Sprinkles | $0.20 per mini cupcake
Delivery service | starts at $50.00

Contact our orderline to place an order.