Tour de Crave

After last year's resounding success, the Tour de Crave is back in Calgary and now in Edmonton and Saskatoon! Explore all three cities by cycling the Crave tour routes. If you complete a full loop in one day you will receive a coupon code to redeem for one free cupcake and one Crave branded water bottle, you will also be entered to win our grand prize! *Grand prize details below 

The goal of the Tour de Crave is to encourage people to spend time outside, ride their bikes and explore different areas of their city. The loops were created by someone in each city and are meant to be challenging.

Complete the Tour de Crave any time from June 24 - September 30*

*The Tour will continue while water bottle supplies last

How Does it Work?

1. Sign up for a Strava account if you don't already have one. A free (non-subscriber) account will work fine.
2. Head over to our Tour de Crave website and click the "Connect to Strava" button.
3. That will take you back to Strava to authorize the Tour de Crave website. Click authorize and then it will take you back to our Tour de Crave website, which will ask for your email address, and for you to digitally agree to a waiver.
4. Once you agree to the waiver, our tour website will show you the loop options in each city.
5. You can download a GPS map of the city loop you would like to complete, or you may view the Google map.
6. Go out and ride the loop! Share your experience along the way by tagging us on Instagram:
Calgary: @cravecupcakes
Edmonton: @cravecupcakesyeg
Saskatoon: @cravecupcakesyxe
7. Check your account on the Tour de Crave website once your ride has uploaded to Strava, and you will see your effort with a link to redeem a QR code coupon. You will also receive the QR code coupon to your email.

Grand Prize Draw

BONUS: Each time you successfully complete the full loop you will be entered to win a grand prize, which will be drawn at the end of the tour (the tour will continue while water bottle supplies last). The grand prize is as follows:

$500 gift card to The Bike Shop
$100 gift card to Crave
One Local Laundry x Crave sweatshirt
One Local Laundry x Crave baseball hat
One bonus Crave branded water bottle
One Baggu x Crave bag

*The QR code within your account must be shown to redeem your prize. A QR code will only be issued if the full loop has been completed.

Tour de Crave Loops

 The Tour de Crave Calgary loop is about 50 miles or 80 kilometres long with 558m elevation gain. The Calgary loop includes checkpoints at all four Crave locations.

 The Tour de Crave Edmonton loop is about 25 miles or 40 kilometres long, with checkpoints along the way including Square 1 Coffee.

 The Tour de Crave Saskatoon loop is about 21 miles or 34 kilometres long, with checkpoints along the way including the Saskatoon Farmer's Market.

 To redeem your prize, visit any Crave location and show one of our team members your QR code.

 The link to the Tour de Crave website can be found here.

 Print our Tour de Crave posters: Calgary | Edmonton | Saskatoon