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Crave Cupcakes - Cookie Assortment
Crave Cupcakes - Confetti Cookie
Crave Cupcakes - Brownie Cookie
Crave Cupcakes - Oatmeal Toffee Cookie
Crave Cupcakes - Peanut Butter Cookie
Crave Cupcakes - Ritz Cookie
Crave Cupcakes - Chocolate Chunk Cookie

Cookie Assortment

Please note: in-store product availability may vary at each location.

A mix of our spring cookie flavours! Each of our cookies is handmade and baked fresh. Choose a bakers assortment, or customize a selection of cookies by purchasing as singles.

For orders required sooner than 24 hours, and for any special requests please contact our order team.

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Saskatoon: 306.974.1497
Toll Free: 1.855.692.7283