Crave Cupcakes | Father's Day Original Cupcake Half Dozen
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Nanaimo Original Cupcake Half Dozen | June 10 - 29


Available June 10 - 29.
Please Note: In-store product availability may vary at each location.

Including our feature flavours, Coffee Crisp and Nanaimo, our Father's Day assortment has everything you need to make your Father's Day that much sweeter.

Nanaimo | Rich coconut chocolate cake topped with custard buttercream and finished with a drizzle of dark chocolate and flakes of toasted coconut.
Coffee Crisp | Crave's classic chocolate cake topped with coffee-infused cream cheese buttercream, and garnished with Coffee Crisp crumble.
Crave-o-licious | Moist chocolate cake baked from our Grandmother’s recipe, topped with vanilla buttercream and chocolate shavings.
Mint Chip |  Chocolate cake swirled with mint buttercream and topped with mini chocolate chips.
Dirty Blonde | Vanilla cake, baked from our family recipe, swirled with rich chocolate buttercream icing.
Red Velvet | A classic red velvet cake swirled with cream cheese buttercream.


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To order one dozen original size cupcakes, multiply the quantity by two.

For orders required sooner than 24 hours, and for any special requests please contact our order team.

Product Storage

Our cupcakes are made with real, fresh ingredients. We believe it’s best if cupcakes are consumed on the day they are purchased. Please follow the do’s and don’ts below to ensure your cupcakes make it home safely and stay as fresh as possible if you plan to keep them longer than 24 hours.

•  Take the cupcakes out of the cardboard box, place in an air tight container and store in the refrigerator overnight or place the airtight container in the freezer for up to 1 month.
• Keep your cupcake box upright and stack your boxes no more than two high.
• Place the box into your recycle bin after consuming.

• Leave your cupcakes in the cardboard box overnight, as they will dry out.
• Tip the box, otherwise your cupcakes may tumble over.


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Cupcake Flavour Card

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