Orange Loaf | June 9 - Aug 6


Available June 9 - Aug 6.  Place your pre order now! Please note: in-store product availability may vary at each location.

A Crave classic - using sweet orange zest (no artificial flavours) our Orange Loaf is a great addition to enjoy with your summer morning coffee, or a satisfying afternoon treat on the golf course.

Storage hack: pre-slice your loaf into your desired thickness - separate each slice with parchment paper - Place in airtight container and freeze!  You'll have pieces ready for on-the-go that take little time to come to room temperature.

For orders required sooner than 24 hours, and for any special requests please contact our order team.

Calgary: 403.270.2728
Edmonton: 780.409.8486
Saskatoon: 306.974.1497
Toll Free: 1.855.692.7283


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