Find us at various locations in and around the city of Calgary this summer!

Crave is partnering with local businesses to sprinkle fresh baked cupcakes around the city of Calgary! We believe in true collaboration and creating unique experiences for our customers. Our hope is to grow relationships with like minded businesses and build community with each of our pop-ups.

Spring / Summer Pop-up Schedule:
Hedkandi Banker's Hall - June 19th - 20th | featuring Orange Creamsicle
Pixie Hollow, High River - June 22nd | featuring S'more
YYC Airport - July 3rd - 4th | featuring Double Double
Bow Valley Square - July 16th - 18th
Plant - July 19th - 20th
Hitchin Post, High River - July 27th
Centennial Place - August 6th & 8th
Eau Claire Tower - August 7th
YYC Airport - August 28th - 29th

If you would like Crave Cupcakes to pop-up at your location, please send an email to or call 403.270.2728 with a little bit about your location and the dates you have in mind.

Crave Cupcakes Classes
Crave Cupcakes Classes
Crave Cupcakes Classes