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We bake togetherness

At the heart of each Crave product and experience is connection. To shop at Crave is to mark a moment, no matter how big or small, and to share that moment with others.

Ain't No Party like a Crave Cake Party

What's your Crave happy dance?

Customer Stories

We asked our customers to share their favourite Crave memories and we were blown away by the beautiful responses of celebration, consolation, reminiscence and the reminder to play.

These are some of the amazing people who shared their stories with us, and in the coming months, we’ll have the pleasure of sharing those stories with you. 

Baker's Dozen Rewards

Introducing our Baker's Dozen Rewards program! Purchase 12 packs of dozen mini cupcakes or half dozen original cupcakes, and get the 13th pack free!

*conditions apply, visit the link below for details

Meet Ashley!

Meet Ashley!

Mom of two, Entrepreneur and Crave super fan!

Ashley is a self-proclaimed Crave super fan, going as far as to say she may just be Crave’s biggest fan! When asked about how Crave has been part of her family’s special moments she said

“From our cat's birthday to kid's birthdays, our family is big on celebrating the milestones! Wherever possible, we celebrate with Crave cupcakes and cakes. Sometimes this has meant bringing them on long road trips and on the plane when we moved!”
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Meet Courtney and Grayson

Meet Courtney and Grayson

Courtney is the Bakery Lead at our Willow Park location in Calgary! She was a big fan of Crave before deciding to join our team in 2018, and says her favourite part about working at Crave is “the wonderful team I get to work with and the creativity we are able to bring into the bakery.”
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Meet The Lopez Family

Meet The Lopez Family

Meet the Lopez family! Mom, Jane is the original Crave superfan. Her love for Crave started when we first opened our doors back in 2004 and has only grown since then! 
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