Tiered Cake Handling/Transportion – Crave Cupcakes
Cake orders require 48 hours notice. Product availability may vary.

Transporting and Care of Your Tiered Cake

We highly suggest the following guidelines to care for your tiered cake after pick up, including transportation instruction.

Upon ordering a tiered cake for any occasion, a tiered cake waiver form will need to be signed before the pick up date.

Transporting your cake:
• Three Tiered cakes are recommended to have 2 people transporting the cake
• Place box right side up on a FLAT surface in your vehicle (ie back of SUV; floor or trunk of car)
• Do NOT place cake box on a seat as this will cause the cake to tilt
• Do NOT have the heat on as this can melt the buttercream (*on a hot day, use your air conditioning to keep your vehicle as cold as possible)

To remove your tiered cake from the box:

• Refrigerate cake until just prior to placing the cake on the cake table
• Keep the box level at all times when moving it
• Place box on the table as close as possible to where you would like to position the cake
• Remove tape and open up the front of the box
• Carefully slide the cake out of the box and position on the cake table
• Add any additional decorations (cake topper, flowers etc)


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