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It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

Wondering what Christmas time looks like for Crave Co-Founders, Carolyne and Jodi? Read on to hear about their Christmas traditions and what togetherness means to them.

At Home
Potlucks, cocktail parties, and festive brunches – these moments that unite us are the best gift of the season. When it comes to family time during the holidays, Carolyne and Jodi alternate hosting and everyone from their family comes over for dinner.

“We love to hang out, play games, cook amazing food, and we all pitch in to clean up – we truly enjoy spending time together.” - Jodi, Crave Co-Founder

After the big feast with second helpings of everything, Carolyne likes to slow down and spend some extra time with loved ones.

“After Christmas Day, my husband Tony, my son, Oliver and I spend time together baking, cooking, playing games (we have some pretty competitive monopoly games), sleeping in, watching movies and hitting the slopes for some downhill skiing!” - Carolyne, Crave Co-Founder

At the Bakery
There are so many reasons to crave Christmas, and we’ve got a bakery full of them!

“We can both agree that there is nothing quite like the hustle, bustle, and the excitement in the bakeries! We always love to see how everyone works as a collective team to make Christmas special for, and to ensure our customers’ homes are filled with delicious baking. It really is a magical place at Christmas – the scents of chocolate and gingerbread are in the air!” - Carolyne and Jodi

Crave Co-Founders

Honouring Traditions 

Matching PJ’s (and everything else!)
Christmas is the perfect excuse for staying in your PJs all day!

Carolyne and Jodi’s matching Christmas PJ tradition was started by their Grandmother Starling (maternal grandmother). She would sometimes buy them matching PJs but most of the time she would make each sisters a matching nightgown. Their mom updated the tradition to include matching PJ’s for all the family including them, their husbands and their children.

A few years later, Carolyne’s husband, Tony added to this family tradition by buying himself, Carolyne and their son, Oliver matching sweatshirts. He continues this tradition each year buying something matching – from shoes to plaid shirts!

Picking the Perfect Tree
When we were growing up, in early December our dad would take us sisters to the Kananaskis Forestry Range (permit in hand!) to cut down a Christmas Tree for not only our family but our neighbours and friends as well. We would walk deep into the forest to find perfect trees and deliver them to each person on our way home. Our Dad would put the tree up (it was sometimes so tall it required some fishing line to be tied at the top of the tree to the curtain rod) and clip multi coloured lights to the branches. Our mom would decorate the tree with bows, homemade sugar cookie ornaments, along with popcorn and cranberry garlands we had strung together.

Both Jodi and Carolyne pay homage to this tradition by picking out a real Christmas tree with their families every year.

“Although we do not cut down our tree, we head to our favourite tree lot and pick the perfect tree to decorate” - Carolyne

“We go to the same lot every year and buy our tree together. We put the tree up and let it settle and the boys are always so excited to decorate the tree - it’s almost like waiting for Santa for them. We have a collection of decorations from both our families, some handed down, some homemade and some new. Because I love to decorate the tree so much, I’ve been buying my boys a Christmas decoration of their own each year since they were born.” - Jodi

Homemade Happiness 

Special Treats
“Since our boys were very young Carolyne and I have done advent calendars. We started with a cardboard Christmas tree that held chocolate for the 24 days before Christmas and a few years ago Carolyne bought the boys a pocket calendar that hangs on their bedroom doors. We alternate years filling the pockets for the boys with special items, jokes, acts of kindness and chocolate Santas from Purdy’s – we buy them every year!” - Jodi

Cookies For Santa
“On Christmas Eve as a little girl I would diligently set out cookies for Santa. I always included the shortbread cookies I had made, however I was told Santa’s favourite treat was Butter Tarts (I was very unsure about this as tarts were not cookies!) I have carried on this same tradition with my son Oliver, who sets out shortbread cookies he makes for Santa and of course, the reindeer!” - Carolyne