Meet Paul and Shawnna – Crave Cupcakes
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Meet Paul and Shawnna

Paul and Shawnna Crave Cupcakes

Paul and Shawnna are bringing Crave to new heights! When the Crave team put out the call for customers to share their favourite Crave moments, Shawnna was the very first to respond. Her love for Crave runs deep - cue quote, “Crave is part of my identity”. It’s not uncommon for Shawnna to be in charge of bringing dessert to the gatherings she’s invited to, because everyone knows she’s going to bring Crave! She remarks “when people think of me, they really do think about Crave Cupcakes.” 

Paul and Shawnna have been together for 7 years and married for just over one. He knew about her love for Crave, so it was obvious Crave would need to be part of his proposal plan! They both share a love of hiking and the outdoors, so Paul’s proposal plan felt like a no-brainer - a hike up to a beautiful view, and a Crave cupcake. He said the process of ordering the cupcake was easy and still has the emails saved in his phone!

“We had a great conversation. The Crave staff walked me through the process and I was able to share ideas of what I wanted, but really, my only requirement was that it said, ‘will you marry me’ - oh, yes, and that it had to be a Crave-o-licious, Shawnna’s favourite!”

Fun fact! Crave’s Willow Park Store Manager, Jenna was the one who decorated the original cupcake. 

Keeping the proposal cupcake a secret was no easy feat. Paul recalls that he picked the cupcake up the night before their hike, just before Shawnna got home from work. He then hid the cupcake, excited about the big surprise planned for the morning. 

“I quickly ran inside and buried it in the basement fridge crisper because there's no reason to ever look in there - we barely use that fridge! While grabbing the backpacks for the hike, I very carefully packed the cupcake to make sure that it survived the whole trip.”

Crave Cupcakes Marry Me Cupcake
We know what you’re wondering - how did the cupcake not get crushed on the way up the mountain? Well, we wanted to know the same thing, and here’s Paul’s answer: “I placed skewers into the packaging of the cupcake to keep it in place so it wouldn’t get too knocked around. I also put plastic grocery bags around the box to give the cupcake a little extra padding while in my backpack” he explained.

Finally, with the “will you marry me” Crave-o-licious cupcake carefully tucked away in his backpack, Paul’s proposal plan was in action. The couple hiked up to the summit of Big Beehive Mountain near Banff, and Paul pretended he was looking for their lunch when they reached the top. Instead, he pulled out the cupcake. Shawnna was nearly too excited (and hungry from the hike) to read what was written on it. Needless to say, once she noticed, it was an immediate “YES!”

Paul and Shawnna Crave Cupcakes

We already know Shawnna's favourite! A classic Crave-o-licious - chocolate cake topped with blue vanilla buttercream, and now made even sweeter with the beautiful memory of the perfect proposal. Paul's go-top cupcake flavour is Mint Chip, but the couple is also excited to the return of our Sweetheart Cookies, featured on our Valentine's Day menu!