Meet Edmonton Baker, Beth – Crave Cupcakes
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Meet Edmonton Baker, Beth

We’d like to introduce you to Beth, a baker at our Edmonton location. 

Beth is described by her team members as kind, sincere, and supportive. 

“She is one of the sweetest people I’ve ever worked with. She gives a lot of care and attention to whatever she is doing, and is always one to cheer on other’s achievements!” 

Beth has been baking for as long as she can remember. She grew up in England, where she learned all sorts of recipes from her mom. In 2016, Beth fell in love with a Canadian and moved from Chester, England, to Vancouver, and then to Edmonton. She found that Canadian baking was quite different than English baking, and she spent a whole year practicing new recipes before applying to Crave! 

“I wanted to continue to improve as a baker, and I thought Crave would be the best place to do it!”

Beth has worked at Crave for almost a year now, and she says she loves many things about the job:  

“Cake decorating is like play for me, it’s really fun and doesn’t feel like work. Being able to practice different baking skills and improve is really neat too. The best part about working at Crave is the people. We have an amazing team. I really enjoy working with them.”

In her free time, Beth likes to read, write, take walks and of course - bake. She describes herself as a morning person, and says that Spring is her favourite season because she likes to think of it as ‘the morning of the year’ - “it feels like everything is waking up!” 

Despite her love of Spring, Christmas is Beth’s favourite holiday. 

“Christmas reminds me of what’s important. Not so much the gifts or all the food (as nice as those are), but slowing down to spend time with family, enjoying abundance, reflection, and cozy times, bundled up warm. It’s just a really special time of year for me.” 

This is Beth’s first Christmas working at Crave! She’s excited to bake holiday bars, decorate Christmas cakes, and spend the holiday season surrounded by the smell of fresh gingerbread. 

Be sure to stop by and say hi, and try Beth’s favourite cupcake - Dirty Blonde - or her favourite holiday menu item, Butter Tarts!