Meet our Accounting Team – Crave Cupcakes
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Meet our Accounting Team

Meet Mallory and Hayley - the dynamic duo behind the numbers at Crave!⁠

Who knew being on the Accounting team for a bakery could be so much fun? Not Mallory - at first anyways! “ A friend of mine sent the posting to me and I thought it was fake at first glance! I actually created a business plan in university for my own cupcake shop but realized it would be a massive endeavour, and I abandoned the idea pretty quickly. Now, I love being able to work with such passionate, talented people at a company that strives to bring the best quality treats to our customers every day.”⁠

Mallory goes on to say that she’s always been passionate about baking and combining her love of numbers with cake and buttercream so working at Crave was an obvious win-win. “I’ve always been a Crave fan! I’m originally from Saskatchewan but every time I came to Calgary, Crave was a must-stop.” ⁠

When Crave started the search for another role to join our Accounting team, Hayley saw the posting on Instagram! “Initially the posting was for a part-time accountant and I remember thinking I wish it was full-time, and then a couple of weeks later there was another post for a full-time accountant – like it was meant to be, and I applied right away! In my previous role at a firm I worked on a majority of automotive clients and definitely no bakeries, but as I thought more about what I wanted for my future Crave was a perfect fit.” ⁠

Hayley has also been a long-time Crave lover - specifically when it comes to a Nutty Over Chocolate cupcake. “I remember having my first cupcake at the Kensington location in 2007 and I was hooked ever since! Crave is a local business that I have loved for such a long time, and I felt my values were really aligned with the company – it was somewhere I could be excited to say I worked for.⁠