Meet Our Edmonton Manager, Samantha – Crave Cupcakes
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Meet Our Edmonton Manager, Samantha

Allow us to introduce you to Sam, our Edmonton Manager!

Sam started working at our Edmonton location as a baker four and a half years ago, and has been our bakery manager for almost a year now. 

When asked to pick her favourite cupcake, she said that it was a VERY hard choice (how could you possibly choose just one!?), so here she is posing with Mint Chip, although she says our limited edition Cookie Dough cupcake is definitely one of her favourites!

Sam has been baking since she was 4 years old, and has always had a huge sweet tooth. Baking has brought her joy throughout her entire life, and she says that sharing her treats with other people is one of her favourite things about it. “It feels like an act of service for my loved ones,” she explains.

Sam had just moved to Edmonton and had broken her leg a few months ago - Crave was the first place she went when she could move again to cheer her up! She was actually scouting places she may want to work, and offhandedly asked if Crave was hiring on her way in. Funnily enough, they were conducting interviews that same day, so she was interviewed right there! Sam loves to tell this story, laughing that “I came in for a cupcake and I left with a job!” 

Here are some fun facts about Sam!

Sam is a self-proclaimed “beach babe” and says that summer is hands-down her favourite season, but that Christmas is definitely her favourite holiday.

Her favourite things to bake are cookies, because she loves eating the cookie dough (and because who doesn’t love a fresh, warm cookie!?) She loves Indian food, but describes cookie dough ice cream as her biggest weakness: “If that’s on the menu anywhere I’m like ‘I’ll take 5.’” Sam’s favourite way to treat herself is to buy a fancy cup of coffee, or a new dress. 

She describes working at Crave as fun, saying that it never feels like work at all! 

“I feel a huge sense of pride in promoting this business and sharing this brand with other people, even if it’s just me bringing cupcakes to my friend’s birthdays. I think this company is just incredible and I’m super happy to be a part of it.”