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Gingerbread House Kit How To

Please do not put your Gingerbread House in the fridge or freezer.

This limited edition kit promises holiday joy for everyone!

Royal Icing Recipe:
1 bag royal icing mix
3 tablespoons water

1. Place royal icing mix in a glass or metal mixing bowl.
2. Add cold water and mix on low speed for 1 minute. You can use a stand mixer with a whip attachment, an electric hand mixer or whisk by hand. Scrape the bowl with a spatula then on medium high speed, continue mixing for approximately 5 minutes. For best results the icing should be fairly stiff.
3. Remove royal icing and place in a glass bowl. Immediately cover with either plastic wrap or a damp cloth so the icing does not dry out.

Tip #1: If royal icing is too stiff, add a couple drops of water and stir. If the royal
icing is too liquid, add a couple tablespoons of icing sugar and stir.
Tip #2: After filling icing bag(s) with royal icing, cut the tip off with scissors. Hint: start by cutting a small
hole as you can always cut the tip bigger... but never smaller. When not using your filled piping bag while
decorating your gingerbread house, place it in a damp cloth so the icing does not dry out.
Tip #3: Make your gingerbread house merry and bright by adding food colouring to your royal icing.

Assembly Instructions:
1. On the cardboard base, pipe a thick line of royal icing and place the back on top. Hold in place for a few moments
or use something to hold in place as you prep for the next step.
2. Pipe a thick line of royal icing on the base and place one side piece at a 90 degree angle to the back.
Attach the corners by piping royal icing down the inside of the corners.
3. Continue in the same manner and attach the other side before attaching the front of the house.
4. Let the house dry slightly (approx. 20 minutes) before piping on royal icing to the edges of the top
of the house. Then attach the two roof sections. Finish by piping royal icing at the very top
attaching the two roof pieces together. Now you are ready to decorate your gingerbread house!
5. Use the royal icing to attach candy to the house, pipe decorations, like icicles and decorate your Christmas trees.

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