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How to Choose a Buttercream Colour for Your Cake or Cupcakes

At Crave, we know choosing a buttercream colour for your cake or cupcakes can be an overwhelming decision. We help customers every day with their orders, so you could say that we have become pretty good at it! This is why we have put a list together of questions to ask yourself to get you thinking! 

Do I have a theme in mind?

If you have decided on a theme for your event, you may want your cake’s buttercream colours to match. This is one of the easiest ways for choosing cake or cupcake colors!

If you have chosen an 80’s Decade themed party, you may want your cake or cupcakes to be topped with bold, bright and fun colours. Whereas, if you are deciding on colours for a fall wedding, you may choose a darker colour palette. Try to make the colours as consistent throughout the event as possible. Incorporate them into the other food items, decor, and invitations.

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Can I match the colours to the style of the cake?

Like the above idea of matching your buttercream colours to your theme, you may also want the colours to match the style of your cake. For example, if you have decided on a more earthy, rustic style of cake, you can follow a similar style by choosing simple, more natural hues.

Is the colour meaningful?

With skill, care, and kindness, we produce quality baking that’s as scrumptious and special as the people who share it! It is a great idea to pick a color that has special meaning to you or whoever is receiving the cake. Perhaps there is a favorite location, flower, or art piece that has a unique meaning - these colors can be incorporated into your favorite Crave cake or cupcakes!

Crave’s Quick Tips

Wanting to go with a darker colour for the cake? Consider the darker colour on the outside of the cake and light on the inside, as bold-colored icing can dye your lips and teeth.

Custom buttercream colours are dyed by hand, because of this and variances between screens we cannot guarantee a perfect colour match for your order. We recommend visiting in store to get the best idea of what your colours will look like – we will always try our very best to match!

We cannot wait to help you create the cake or cupcakes of your dreams! To begin your order, please contact us or visit your nearest Crave location.