Meet Andrea – Crave Cupcakes
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Meet Andrea

For the past 11 years, Andrea has included Crave in one of her favourite family traditions. Every year, after her kid’s first day of school, they pick up Crave cupcakes on their way home. While they enjoy their treats they would tell her all about their first day.

“Our back-to-school tradition is something we’ve done since they were in Kindergarten. It’s something that my kids anchor to - something that will always stay the same for them as they grow up and change.”

Andrea goes on to say that she and the kids love having Crave be part of such a long-standing family tradition, and hopes they pass along the tradition to their own kids one day. This year Andrea’s son is attending the University of Alberta and when they realized he may miss out on this year's back-to-school tradition he replied “well… you can deliver Crave to the dorms!”

Andrea is an entrepreneur and owns her very own strategic branding agency in Calgary. When she’s not taking the digital marketing world by storm, Andrea loves to travel! She says that one of the big reasons she loves Crave so much is because she and her family have traveled the world and tried lots of different types of cake, but Crave is by far her favourite. “Crave is the best my family has ever found!” 

Andrea is a big fan of our Mint Chip flavour, and says  “my daughter always goes for a Strawberry Vanilla cupcake, but my son will eat anything from Crave!”