Meet The Lopez Family – Crave Cupcakes
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Meet The Lopez Family

Meet the Lopez family! Mom, Jane is the original Crave superfan. Her love for Crave started when we first opened our doors back in 2004 and has only grown since then! 

She says she has many favourite moments with Crave, and shared a few of them with us.

“My husband proposed to me with Crave Cupcakes, and we had a Crave cake at our wedding.”

Crave was invited to every event - bridal showers, stagettes, and parties. When Jane had children, every milestone was celebrated with Crave, from monthly baby celebrations to birthdays, to baptisms. “My daughter’s baptism giveaways were your Red Velvet cupcakes!” Crave is like a member of Jane’s family -  always present at birthdays, milestone markers, and every celebration in between.

One of her favourite Crave memories is being part of a Crave Focus group back in 2012, where she had the opportunity to share her ideas with a brand she wholeheartedly supported.

“My ideas were to start a Crave loyalty program and to open locations at airports so people could bring Crave when they were traveling to see their loved ones.” 

Jane also had the idea to create custom Crave shoes, which our Co-Founders still remember to this day. Jane’s other memories with Crave include being invited to the Friends and Family celebration when we renovated our Kensington location in 2015, and coming in second place for a Crave photo contest.

Now, Jane has two children - Lucas (age 6) and Zoey (age 3).  Zoey likes to boogie to Baby Shark while biting into a Strawberry Chocolate cupcake and Lucas never turns down a Just Chocolate cupcake after playing hockey. For moments big and small, thank you Jane, for always celebrating with us.