Meet Ashley! – Crave Cupcakes
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Meet Ashley!

Mom of two, Entrepreneur and Crave super fan!

Ashley is a self-proclaimed Crave super fan, going as far as to say she may just be Crave’s biggest fan! When asked about how Crave has been part of her family’s special moments she said

“From our cat's birthday to kid's birthdays, our family is big on celebrating the milestones! Wherever possible, we celebrate with Crave cupcakes and cakes. Sometimes this has meant bringing them on long road trips and on the plane when we moved!”

Ashley told us that her kids have always been so excited about celebrating milestones so they go all out when it comes to birthdays and special occasions and she says she’s convinced it’s because of the cake! “We are big on having our family together, so togetherness is about our family. We celebrate our occasions with family in mind, with moments of laughter shared over a cupcake.”

Ashley goes on to say that Crave had them all hooked when they first tried them. Her family continues to choose Crave because they love to support small businesses. “It has been exciting to follow their story from day one and see the growth they’ve had over the years. When we moved from Calgary to Edmonton in 2005, I would get my friend Colin to bring me cupcakes every time he came to visit. I was over the moon excited when they opened up shop in Edmonton (I like to think they did that for their number one customer *wink wink) and am hopeful one day they will follow me to Kelowna too.”

As a business owner herself, Ashley says she has always admired Crave’s entrepreneurial story and the creative minds behind the company.

“I always appreciated that they created cupcakes with my vision in mind, to go with the many birthday themes we’ve done over the years for our kids. I love their big hearts and their many donations to events I hosted for charity like the Ronald McDonald House but most of all, I love the flavours - Red Velvet you will always have my heart!”

Last, but certainly not least, we asked Ashley what her family's favourite Crave treats were, and here’s what she had to say. “I started with Crave-o-licious as a favourite UNTIL they introduced Red Velvet and that became my new fave! Every year I look forward to the Gingerbread cupcake as well, I’m dreaming about it as I answer this question! My husband, Denny will choose Nutty Over Chocolate because he loves everything peanut butter. My son, Logan is always down for a Crave-o-licious, and my daughter, Quinn bounces back and forth between Red Velvet and Strawberry Vanilla."