Meet Courtney and Grayson – Crave Cupcakes
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Meet Courtney and Grayson

Mom and Son, Mario Kart Gamer, Crave Bake at Home Lovers.

Courtney is the Bakery Lead at our Willow Park location in Calgary! She was a big fan of Crave before deciding to join our team in 2018, and says her favourite part about working at Crave is

“the wonderful team I get to work with and the creativity we are able to bring into the bakery.”

Outside of work, Courtney enjoys baking with her son, Grayson. She loves to share her passion for baking with him, and believes that by teaching him how to follow recipes, measure ingredients, and do things in a proper order, she is teaching him skills he can bring into other areas of life - and of course, how to make a really delicious cake. 

Having worked at Crave for over 5 years, Courtney knows a thing or two about spreading joy through baking! To Courtney, these moments of togetherness means spending quality time with her loved ones. She bakes togetherness with her son every year on his birthday, saying

“we make his birthday cake together every year and it’s nice to bring him into those moments with me.” 

At Crave, we believe that each batch (whether it’s one of ours or one you bake at home) is special, full of beautiful memories. Courtney’s go-to cupcake is our Red Velvet, and Grayson’s is always Just Chocolate. While Courtney is a baker, she does love how easy it is to bake at home with Crave. When Courtney and Grayson bake together, they always have the choice of one of their favourites with our Crave Bake at Home cake mixes and buttercreams! 

Thank you to Courtney for baking togetherness with us - at the photoshoot and every day at Willow Park!