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Meet Dina


Meet Dina - Momma Bear, Entrepreneur, and Confetti Cake lover!

Dina is the owner of Calgary Party 50. You may have seen her incredible balloon installations around the city of Calgary and her energy is just as vibrant! 

Dina has always found joy in bringing a smile to people's faces. She remembers seeing vendors selling balloons as a child growing up in the Philippines and that memory is what has inspired her to create remarkable experiences for others. Dina’s entrepreneurial spirit started at a young age, following her into adulthood and ultimately leading her to create her company. 

Dina started her business in 2015, all because of an idea she had after her daughter’s birthday party. In the beginning, Calgary Party 50 focussed on bins of birthday party supplies, but Dina quickly moved on to balloon art installations. In 2017, she had the opportunity to do large scale balloon installation for Beakerhead. This opportunity allowed Dina to be put on the map as an artist and allowed her passion to have a larger impact. 

Crave partnered with Calgary Party 50 back in 2019 to create a Balloongram product - the perfect pairing of balloons and Crave treats to add a little extra joy to any celebration. This was one of Dina’s first wins for her small business! When she saw our Co-Founder Jodi at a Crave pop-up shop, she started to tear up while saying hello. When asked why she found herself overcome with emotion, Dina struggled to find the words but explained that “I was bawling with gratitude. I finally managed to say

“Thank you for saying YES to that idea. Calgary Party 50 was a young, small business and the vote of confidence was truly appreciated.”

Crave x Calgary Party 50 Balloon Installation

Dina is the embodiment of celebration. Her youthful exuberance shines through in all of her displays. When she isn’t creating incredible balloon art, she can be found munching on a Red Velvet cupcake or dancing with a confetti cake in-hand. 

Want to see more Dina and more balloons? Visit her website or check out Calgary Party 50’s Instagram page.

At Crave, we strive to empower and support women - whether it be in our own bakeries, or out in the community. This year, to celebrate International Women’s Day on March 8th, we asked Dina if there was an organization near to her heart she would like to support. Dina has chosen Made by Momma in Calgary and we will also be supporting the Elizabeth Fry Society Women’s Empowerment Program in Edmonton and Interval House in Saskatoon.

It’s no surprise Dina’s favourite cake is our Confetti Cake - as colourful and vibrant as she is! She also loves a classic Red Velvet cupcake, so we’ve combined them both to introduce our Red Velvet Sprinkle Cupcake! 

$1 from each individual women's day cupcake and $5 from each women's day cupcake pack sale will go towards supporting and empowering women from all walks of life. Cupcakes and packs are now available for pre-order and will also be available in our bakeries on March 8th.