Meet Mariana! Mom of Two, Harry Styles Fan, and Vava Vanilla Lover. – Crave Cupcakes
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Meet Mariana

Meet Mariana! Mom of Two, Harry Styles Fan, and Vava Vanilla Lover. 

Mariana is a previous Crave employee - she worked for our Orderline Team from 2019 to 2022, at which point she went on maternity leave for her second daughter Stella, who is now almost 1 year old. Her eldest, Beatrice, is almost 6, and when she’s not practicing jiu-jitsu, she can be found sneaking a spoonful of Crave buttercream straight out of the container. Fun fact! A Crave cupcake was Beatrice’s very first sweet treat. 

Both girls accompanied Mariana to her photoshoot and were great participants! Special shoutout to Beatrice for her big smile, awesome dance moves, and decorating cupcakes with us.  

When we asked Mariana why she chose to work at Crave, and what she loved about working with us, she responded:

“Everything! I love that Carolyne and Jodi have created a business with family in mind and how they continue to bake fresh, quality treats they really care about.” 

Mariana was a joy to have on our team - she embodied each one of our Crave values and lived by them each time she came into work. 

“To me and my family, togetherness means unity and always having each other's backs.” Mariana goes on to say “this was something I really felt while working as part of the Orderline team.” She hopes to pass on values and lessons she learned at Crave - always choosing kindness for yourself and others and the importance of sharing moments together - to her daughters, Beatrice and Stella. Working at a woman-owned business was also very inspiring, as she wants her daughters to feel empowered to follow their dreams. Mariana views Jodi and Carolyne as wonderful role models in this space, showing young girls and women alike, they too can accomplish anything they set their hearts to.

Although Mariana no longer works with us, Crave still remains a big part of her celebrations! “A birthday isn’t complete without Crave!” She goes on to say all occasions are celebrated with Crave, and this was even the case before she began working on our Orderline team! We often hear from our customers how Crave is just another member of their family. We are so grateful to have become an important piece of our customer’s special moments.