Meet Sarah – Crave Cupcakes
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Meet Sarah

Meet Sarah! Mom of two, Texan at heart and Vegan cupcake lover.

Sarah’s family is spread out across the globe. She moved from Texas to Canada, her parents still live in Connecticut and her sister lives in Spain. Sarah explains because they live in different countries, “sending one another sweet treats while we’re far away from each other is our way of staying connected and being part of each other’s celebrations.” Sarah’s family has continued a tradition for over four years of sending her cupcakes from Crave.

“My family sends me Crave Cupcakes for every occasion. It’s one of the easiest, most delicious and thoughtful gifts to order locally or from afar.”

We are so grateful to be part of how Sarah’s family stays in touch with one another! 

Sarah and her husband Jeremie settled into parenthood when they had Peyton (3 years old) and Jackson (1 year old). Sarah became a big fan of our Vegan Cupcake when she discovered her daughter Peyton had a dairy allergy. “They’re the only cupcakes we could eat when we had to cut dairy!”

Sarah brought her mother-in-law - who is also a long-time Crave lover - to the photoshoot along with her children, Peyton and Jackson. Originally, Sarah had planned to take photos with just the kids, but we couldn’t possibly say no to making beautiful memories with the whole family! We had an amazing time watching each of them dance, and were overjoyed to witness a very special moment - Jackson trying his very first Crave cupcake. From grandmother, to mother, to children - it was heartwarming to see the way Crave has touched multiple generations of Sarah’s family. 

We’re sending a very Happy Mother’s Day to Sarah, Yvonne - affectionately referred to as Peyton and Jackson’s Grandmama, and all the other mothers and grandmothers who make every moment sweeter.